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Music From Antonio Ciccarone

Welcome to my vault where you can listen to my original songs.   

Music is not my life, but I’ve been writing songs since before the internetand plan to continue to do so even after the internet.

I like to collaborate.  My originals and covers are whatever, but:

  1. Remixes: I really like to give good vocals music. 
    Meaning, you send just the BPMd vocal stem – no music – and I return a full mix or remix.
  2. Ghostwrote once and only one time. 
    But I’d be interested in trying again, however the caveats are:
    1. I am given almost complete artistic control and you are only expecting back a chord/lyric sheet and reference track in return.  (please note: I only provided mixes and remixes using high-quality and semi-professional to pro).
    2. The lyrics must be in some sort of prose that makes sense syllabically.

  3. Hooks: If you have a good catchy melody and words, I could make it shine with the right chords and probably some melodic rearrangement/modifications.
And hey! If any of my songs call out to you, positively or negatively (I hate some of them too) please feel free to reach out!

Original Music